Send text messages and voice messages to your customers, contacts, and subscribers with ease.

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Your All-In-One Messaging Software

One system to create and send both voice broadcasts
and text messages to your subscribers.

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SMS Text Messaging

Send mass texts, appointment reminders, send coupons, and setup voice & SMS autoresponders to drive sales - automatically.

Voice Broadcasting

Just record a voice message, set your send day and time, and we'll deliver it to a few, a couple hundreds, or tens of thousands of contacts in minutes.

HLR Solutions

Knowing the status of your mobile number allows filtering out the invalid mobile numbers from mobile number database which can save lot of costs.

Built-in Analytics & Reporting

With our built-in analytics, you can find out how your text messages and voice broadcasts are performing. You can see who picked up, who didn't.

Easy List Building Tools

Start building your list in just a few minutes. Import contacts, collects leads from your website, blog, or Facebook fanpage using webforms.

Tons of Added Features

Contact management, audio management, autoresponders, delivery reports, SMS APIs, SMS broadcasts, voice broadcasts, and a whole lot more.

Who we are

Kedesa is the all-in-one messaging software you need.

With the advent of technology, messages now travel at a speedy rate. The world is moving fast and one needs the appropriate software and tools to keep up. Our job at is to ensure that you do not miss out on the things that are important to you.

We provide text messaging and voice broadcasting services. These are particularly made available in order for you to swiftly transmit information to a large audience, keep in touch with your team and loved ones.

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